Liquid Ice Melt



This non-corrosive liquid formula penetrates quickly to dissolve frost, snow, and ice accumulations from a wide variety of surfaces. It will immediately melt existing ice and snow without harming grasses and shrubs.

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Apply any time after a storm to remove and loosen ice and snow.  Reapply as necessary.

Note: May cause surface deterioration to concrete, cement, brick, or flagstone if these materials are not properly aged or constructed.


Ideal for use on sidewalks, ramps, linkages, asphalt, aluminum, driveways, loading docks, controls, concrete, steel, stairs, locks, hinges, terrazzo, plastic, bridges, chains, coal conveyors, rubber, and painted surfaces.


30, 35 & 55 gallon

5 &6 gallon 6X1 gallon 4X1 gallon


Water - CAS #7732-18-5

Ethylene  Glycol - CAS #107-21-1

Methanol - CAS #67-56-1

Diethylene Glycol - CAS #111-46-6

Acid  Green 1 - CAS #19381-5-10


Appearance: Green liquid

Fragrance: Alcohol

Ready  to Use: Yes

VOC Content: 25 % bywt

Flash Point: 96 °F



Green Fire Granular Ice Melt



This granular ice melt dissolves snow and ice in temperatures as low as 0° F. It is safe to use on concrete or asphalt, and is enhanced with a green color indicator to prevent under application and waste. It is non-caustic to the skin and can be applied by hand. 

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Spread pellets evenly with a scoop, shovel, or mechanical spreading equipment at a rate of 1/4 lb per square yard.


Ideal for use on sidewalks, driveways, stairs, parking lots, cement, concrete, asphalt, and flagstone. 


100 lbs

50 lbs

Ingredients and Properties:

Sodium Chloride - CAS #7647-14-5

Magnesium Chloride - CAS #7787-30-3

Calcium Chloride - CAS #10043-52-4

Potassium Chloride - CAS #57-13-6


Appearance: Green granules

Ready to use: Yes

Density: 40-70 # / cubic foot

Solubility: Soluble in water