A super strength waterless product that derives all of its power from 100% of the solvents extracted from fruit and vegetable sources. The most concentrated natural solvent degreaser that can be mixed with water. This product contains no chlorinated solvents or harsh chemicals and is not corrosive. Use to clean and decrease almost any surface. Destroys odors while cleaning. Removes heavy grease and tar spots from upholstery.


Spray or sponge on, allow to stand for 2-4 minutes before rinsing with water. Dilute with water, depending on the desired task, and apply in the same manner. 


Appearance and odor: Light orange liquid

Flashpoint of concentrate: 115 - 140 F

Water dilutable: Miscible

Specific gravity of concentrate: <1

Bio-based: Yes

Voc: 1.7#/gal

pH: 7.0 +/- .5

Packaging: Standard sizes 

SAFETY FIRST ARP-424- Aircraft cleaner and degreaser



This highly concentrated industrial liquid degreaser was specifically formulated for heavy-duty cleaning of airplanes and airplane parts. It features a non-flammable and non-toxic formula that contains no butyl or petroleum solvents, so it's great at cleaning everything from turbines to landing gears. Plus, it's safe for rubber seals, valves, and 0-rings and meets ARP1755A regulations.


Experiment with this product before establishing a procedure. Generally, one part concentrate with 20 parts water1s recommended.


Appearance: Orange liquid

Fragrance: Citrus

Specific gravity: 0.995

pH: 11.0-12.0

Stability: 1 year

Solubility: Complete in water

Biodegradable: Yes

voe  Content: 1-10%

Pure-Lift Organic Liftstation Degreaser



Formulated with 100% naturally derived and powerful solvents. This product is extremely effective and made from renewable resources. Specially designed for cleaning lift stations by quickly saponifying grease and controlling odors. 


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Add product to the surface of the lift well. The floating action will do the work. Lasts up to 90 days. 

May also be sprayed or poured directly onto walls or other areas where heavy buildup occurs and wipe clean. 


Lift stations, sewer lines, drains, traps, lagoons, lakes, wet wells, settling tanks, pumping, stations, sumps, and dumpsters. 


Appearance - Clear to amber liquid

Odor - Natural Citrus

pH 1% - 7.0 +/- .5

Flashpoint use solution - 140 F. TCC

Specific gravity of concentrate - <1

Packaging - Standard sizes